Supernormal 2016

img_6248Co-ordinating this year’s Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School in the ‘henge and Vortex with Charlie Fox and a host of brilliant artists , including Margareta Kern, Karina Townsend, Fritha Jenkins, AntiUniversity Now and the mighty AAS! Amazing sold-out festival year and artist collaborations.


Huffpost review here: Finding Utopia Through Art and Music

 Supernormal 2015

Brilliant festival again this year.. reviewed here inn The Wire, October Issue..


very pleased to be working with: AAS (pictured below), Exploding Cinema, Stasis 73, Kayle Branden and Lady Lucy’s Drawing Exchange, Fritha Jenkins, Buckner Building, Rachel Gomme and the Supernormal Supersensory Summerschool..

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I am very pleased indeed to be curating at Supernormal Festival at Braziers Park again this August. I am working with: Lady Lucy, Exploding Cinema, AAS, The Supersensory Summer school and more! Click here for more festival details.

Over Time

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See updates on the Over Time art project curated by Anne Robinson HERE

And full details on website at:

There is a video with documentation of this project including the final event on October 26th at the maritime museum HERE

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Anne is an art and film curator for Supernormal Festival an annual 3 day experimental arts festival taking place at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire.

Over Time

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Over Time  a visual arts project about time passing – we have a very exciting group of artists taking part, working across a range of media including painting, film, performance and animation.   Each of the invited artists will make a response to spending precisely the same fixed amount of ‘clock time‘ in specific stretch of the Thames foreshore around Enderby’s Wharf, during the weeks leading into the exhibition/performance period. The work derived from this very historically resonant and atmospheric riverside space result in a weekend of activities, Sept 13th and 14th and an exhibition in University of Greenwich 16th-27th September 2014. All of the invited artists are already engaged in some way in working with aspects of temporality, such as perception, elasticity, affect, recording and value.

The site is particularly important to the project because of the richness of the layers of time visible there – the current rapidly changing landscape, the natural markers, the tides and the bend of the river and the industrial heritage and history, including the site where the first underwater telegraph cables were laid. The confirmed artists are: Ella Finer, Rachel Gomme, Ian Thompson, Charlie Fox, Sarah Sparkes, Victoria Gray, Katharine Fry and Gavin Maughling, Jo David and Birgitta Hosea all of whom have established reputations in their various fields, including performance digital animation, dance and sound and  been involved in outstanding arts projects of international standing.

Find out more here 

One More Time

Symposium and exhibition at Libeskind Graduate Centre and Boilerhouse spaces, 2011

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