Earlier Projects and Films

Selected films, installations and other projects prior to 2009

maybe in the sky lighter darker 2008Lighter/Darker (Maybe in the Sky ) (2008) multi-screen video, site-specific work for Planetarium at Liverpool World Museum

In this work, originally made as a site specific piece for the five screens of the Planetarium at Liverpool’s World Museum,  work a solitary rower ‘orbits’ the centre screen progresses across the star-filled universe, momentarily lost, navigating film frames, telescopic visions. A series of thought provoking experiences and meditations use intense and heightened visuality to enchant, baffle and engage audiences with the shocking reverberations of Galileo’s invention 400 years ago and its revolutionary after effects.

an occulting light robinson

An Occulting Light (2007) video installation

This work has been made using single frames and fragments from the British way movie The Cruel Sea’ – the paintings are intended to be seen in series, and have been made from painting repeatedly from the same frame.

In An Occulting Light, experiments with refilming and slowing down reveal something about how we see, for example in the sequence where the sailors head turns in the water and becomes transformed: a haptic effect as we grasp matter and emotion through the effects of light. The sound in An Occulting Light consists of ‘remembered songs’ in parallel to the idea of ‘remembered films’. Re-filming can also have an uncanny effect – like looking through other eyes, and this  touches on psychoanalytic discourses about seeing, looking, remembering, dreaming. This work, of course is ‘about’ memory which is evanescent, liquid, fleeting, and  projected.

2007: experimental shorts made during PhD research on temporality :

That the Sun Rose in the West, 2007, 2 screen video, 6 mins

Dark Harbour, 2007, single screen video, 8 mins

Light Moves Water,  2007, single screen video, 8 mins

I may float,  2007, single screen video, 8 mins

Hold Robinson 2007

Hold (2006) two screen video

Interior/exterior, frame by frame descent into memory with ‘remembered film’ fragments and watery resonance. Hold  is a digital video installation which places still and moving images side by side, and uses refilmed tv stills, sampled sequences  from film, and original footage which I have filmed as a kind of notebook, exploring personal journeys into displaced remembrance: through remembered films, and sites of family memory.

Link to essay: Surfacing: Questions of  by Judith Tucker on video installation Hold (2007) here

slice 8 copySlice Through the Night (2006) multiscreen video installation (also shown as live mix)

Lush, hypnotic, painterly refilming: with bad girls wandering in the mix! Soundtrack made in collaboration with composer Donald Bousted

returning 2015Returning (2006) multiscreen video with sound

Shown at Leeds Met Gallery and Brentford Watermans Arts Centre as part of the show Repossessed,  a digital deconstruction of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, picking up ideas about city wandering: Madeleine as a flaneuse, from earlier piece Only One’s a Wanderer, Two Together Are Always Going Somewhere (1992)

Harbouring Draw (2005), video loop with sound

Upturned in the harbour and falling down into the watery rhythms

gig urban red prple copy

Sound Disturbance (2003) 16mm and digital video, duration variable: live mixes

Live mixed video on ACE funded tour with Deirdre Cartwright and Annie Whitehead. Venues including Royal Festival Hall, Cargo and Colchester Arts Centre.

In the Bubble (2003) video, 15mins

Commission for GLA

Cinema Bizarre (2002) video, 15mins

Cinematic contributions to Cinema Bizarre with performance artist Stacy Makishi

Curiosities (2001) video 30mins

From artlessly stuffed kittens to colonial misadventure, Britannia waived the rules: commission for the Victorians exhibition at the V&A.

Daddy’s Razor (1999) video installation loop

Lost in the fuzzy logic of gender ambiguity and a close shave!

Only One’s a Wanderer, Two Together Are Always Going Somewhere (1992), tape-slide and installation

Citymen Persuasion (1986-92), Super-8 and U-Matic Video

Suits, cityboys and no neck monsters on safari..

Sunday School (1987), 16mm, 

Grey stone and the minister’s voice.. everything changes and everything stays the same: an exploration of memory and desire

Four Minute CUT (1987), 16mm, 8mins

What would you do in the last 4 minutes? Time stretched through intensive, experimental editing.

Boot Monkeys (1986), Super-8, 2mins

Queer adventures through Hackney on foot..

Corridors (1986), U-Matic Video, 4 screens plus silkscreen prints, installation

Meditations on love, work, money and fear, moving in and out of consciousness in saturated colour

Royal Fellowship (1984), Super-8, 40mins.

On war memorials and the need to tell stories of conflict. Filmed in London and at Greenham Common.

Seventeen Rooms (1985), 16mm and U-Matic Video, 10mins

..or what do lesbians do in bed?  Co-directed with Caroline Sheldon

Real Woman (1984), Video, 5mins

Sunny, Southend, subversive, seaside adventures with the Poison Girls featuring the amazing Vi Subversa. Video made with Wildtrax.

See Red Women’s Workshop

Collective member producing posters, 21981-83. Link to See Red website here

Book about SRWW forthcoming in 2016 from Four Corners Books.



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